Hello; my name is Grace.TM

I am the smartest Machine Intelligence to ever power Healthcare Revenue Cycle.
Grace's Story

Grace began as a passion project to build the smartest and most affordable intelligence that reasons on its own for a huge business purpose.

Grace's Purpose

Grace knows how to be the last one standing in the game of medical billing dodgeball. Grace has analyzed tens of millions of claims and knows how to win the "claim game".

Grace's Technology

Grace is Machine Intelligence. This means that Grace leverages the power of multiple technologies like deep learning AI, machine learning, and big data analytics.

I am at the end of your search

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I discover payment patterns.

I monitor payer behavior.

I will give you a list of actions to win the "claim game".

How may I help you?
Click on the video above to watch me discover underpayment and denial patterns.

How Grace Works



Grace is Machine Intelligence that exists to be revenue cycle management's most valuable asset.

Grace observes, learns, and analyzes your problems. It watches, listens, alerts you as to what is going to happen next.



Grace is always on and always learning. Grace is so fast that it discovers behaviors, tests possible solutions and solves payment problems, all at near-real-time speeds.

Grace is Machine Intelligence that alerts you in the event that you have an opportunity to make or save money.

What People Say


Underpayments and denials were increasing my costs 40-60%. Thanks to Grace, these numbers keep dropping every month.


We were using a denial analytics system, but the problem still persisted. I am floored by Grace's accuracy and now we have a level playing field.


It is like your very own RCM expert that keeps millions of eyes on everything, including payer behavior.


It was time to take back the advantage. Now we are seeing a win on two fronts, revenue increase and cost savings.

Orignial interview created by Worldwide Business with kathy ireland, 2016. Modified and published with authorization from license holder, Innovative Healthcare Systems, Inc.


IHIS's CEO, Ron Decker, tells, business mogul, Kathy Ireland how he uses MiddleGate's Intelligence to reduce the cost of claim underpayments and denials.

Grace makes decisions
  • Claim #123 is likely to be denied.
  • Payer XYZ has stopped processing claims for this date range.
  • High Risk Alert on claim #789 Follow Grace's instructions then resubmit.

Founded in 2012, MiddleGate is focused on helping Healthcare Revenue Cycle professionals stay ahead of the claim game. To do this, we've gathered the most knowledgeable and passionate experts and PHD's in Revenue Cycle Management and Information Communication Technology to bring you our services. Our client-centric approach means that our team of experts will spare no effort in finding the right solutions for your specific needs.
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