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Get Grace

Win the battle to be paid on time and in full.


Artificial and Machine Intelligence for Revenue Cycle Management.

Payers control all the data. Payers control all the money.

We’ve created a Payer monitoring system that watches Payer behavior, detects trends others cannot see and helps you take action while others have to wait.

No Games, No Waste, Just Money

Our customers have already collected 6.4% more in  provider reimbursements with 11% less staff effort.


Hello, My name is Grace.

I exist to level the playing field for Providers.


Grace: A Payer Monitoring System

Grace sees all.

Grace watches every move the Payers are making and shares the analytics of what she discovers.

Grace understands the connections between all of the data, giving you a full picture of the playing field. 

Grace knows all.

Grace knows every pattern and trend of how Providers and Payers behave.

Grace knows the probability of each claim being paid and provides your staff the optimal path forward.

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CEO - Roshan Fernando explains how Grace works.


Not a Level Playing Field

Payers are already using Artificial Intelligence to adjudicate claims.  This means they're one step ahead of you, making it more difficult to collect on behalf of your Providers. 

Lack of Standardization

The Medical Billing process is standardized for Providers but not for the Payers. Different health plans, varying reimbursements and changing rules make it nearly impossible for you to keep up. 

Not a Science Anymore

If you created a perfect claim every time, would you be paid on time and in full? Payers seem to lose, reject, deny and underpay claims based on a seemingly moving target. 

Grace Works Hard

Grace watches and shares every move the Payers make.

Through Grace's hard work, clients have insights that allow them to collect more than ever with less effort.

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Click below to view a demo about how Grace wins the claim game. 

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It Begins With:




Grace's intelligence is installed with a clean slate to study your data.  


Pattern Building

Grace builds every pattern possible. There are millions and millions of patterns.

  • 835s, 837s
  • Payers, payments and underpayments
  • Service date, payment date
  • Adjustments, locations, delays, etc.

Knowledge Building

In order to know how every Payer affects you, Grace studies the meaning behind every set of patterns.

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Customer Stories

Thousands of providers trust us to deliver perfection every day.

“I am personally excited about Grace’s incredible potential for our nationwide billing entities. We are truly excited about our joint business relationship! Keep up the great work!”
Buddy Claborn - CEO, HealthPac

Buddy Claborn
CEO, HealthPac

“It was a daily fight to be paid on-time and in full.  Grace is like an RCM expert with millions of eyes on everything...including payer behavior.
Rich Papperman - President, Cape Medical Billing

Rich Papperman
President, Cape Medical Billing

MiddleGate is a game changing technology for RCM.

Ginger Ryder - President, EMEDX

Ginger Ryder
President, HBMA

“We knew that we were going to have to invest in technology to stay competitive. Partnering with MiddleGate has been a step towards making sure we can continue to be competitive and successful in the future. Empowering my staff with Grace has me excited." 

Ramesh Gogineni: CEO, Med-Strategies

Ramesh Gogineni
CEO, Med-Strategies

RCM Technology - Beyond the Buzzwords

Watch the Video and Download our guide to demystifying the technology trends within Revenue Cycle Management Business.

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What Our Customers Say

I am floored by Grace's accuracy and ability to give us a level playing field. Now we're seeing increased revenue and decreased costs.

Ron Decker
Ron Decker, IHSI

Every time we touch a claim our costs were going up. We invested in Grace to reduce underpayments and to strategically bring our costs down.

Ginger Ryder - President, EMEDX

We were using a denial analytics system, but the problem still persisted. Grace goes way beyond denial analytics and tells us how to work smarter.

Michelle Durner - President, Applied Medical Systems

Get Grace in your Billing System

We can integrate with any billing system. As long as we can access the data we can deliver the insights. 

Middlegate Artificial Intelligence

You don't know what you're missing... Grace Knows!

Our mission is to end RCM suffering when it comes to being paid on time and in full. 

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Grace Observes the Data