Dazzling Light

How Grace Thinks About Information

The diagram below represents a look into Grace, an explainable intelligence that learns in real-time, creating and destroying behavioral relationships, unlike static entity-relationship diagrams (ERD).  Much like the human brain understands concepts better than data, each ellipse below is made up of thousands of concepts and their meaning, representing entire behaviors that Grace has been taught or discovered on her own.   

Anything you ask Grace about the past can be asked about the future.  Grace's predictions are incredibly accurate.  Think cash flow predictions, RVU to payment studies, and payer behavior strategies.

This is real-world.  Grace tells clients what she thinks a client needs to know and showing her work.

This is how Grace is thinking about the goal to make more money.

Below is a Semiotic (the study of symbols) Graph of Grace's Knowledge​.  It changes and adjusts with you.