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hfma Virtual Conference: A.I. in RCM: Case Study

by Ahmad Jawad, on Dec 12, 2018 8:32:12 AM

This past November, MiddleGate's CEO, Roshan Fernando was a featured speaker at the hfma Virtual Conference. During his presentation, Roshan spoke about the various advantages and disadvantages of the technologies that are being discussed in today's evolving healthcare environment.

Using a case study, Roshan demonstrated how analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can be leveraged to make a significant impact in claims follow-up. 

See link below to watch Roshan's presentation!

hfma Presentation Abstract:  Lots of buzzwords create lots of promises when it comes to technology. Interest in artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and machine technology is rising. Leveraging technology, as well as discovering how the various technologies can be used to meaningfully impact performance, requires the ability to analyze and make use of the multitude of data that is available to the industry. Using a case study example, this session will explore the concepts of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as they relate to a specific scenario, and what they can and can't offer.

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