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RCM's Crystal Ball

by MiddleGate, on May 15, 2019 9:06:33 AM

The Future Is Now......

MiddleGate believes that machines can do far more than humans could ever do alone.

This belief led us to build our own machine that is obsessed with how providers, billers, and payers behave in revenue cycle. 

Grace provides revenue cycle with predictions and recommendations to help make money or save money.

Use Case: Recommendations for A/R Follow-Up

Grace will monitor the behaviors of the Payers you work with.

Grace will study the patterns shes discovers. She literally shuffles and ponders every pattern of your claim and remittance data. 

Grace will recommend the order in which you should work your open claims for the greatest return on investment. 

Grace's customers are collecting more money for their clients, with far less staff and management oversight.

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