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Scaling Revenue Cycle Knowledge

by Ahmad Jawad, on Nov 16, 2018 10:55:08 AM

Is it hard to scale your best people in Revenue Cycle? 

We all know good employees are hard to come by, and one of the most difficult aspects of running a business is managing and retaining those quality employees.  Much like an investment into an IT system, hiring employees is an investment in human capital and knowledge.  We all want to prevent:

  • Rising Employee Turnover
  • Rising Employee Acquisition Cost
  • Rising Employee Onboarding Cost 

What if there was a way to input the wisdom of your most tenured employees into a machine that can reason and learn like your best employees?

Digital Brain


Today, artificial intelligence is being used for just that. The advancement in technology now allows machines to process more than just data.  Machines now can understand human experiences and apply knowledge to business challenges. 

Artificial intelligence helps counteract the rising cost of onboarding employees by immediately providing new hires with the knowledge that you have accumulated over many years.  This makes them more productive day-one and allows you to more quickly receive an ROI for your investment. 

And most importantly, if employees ever leave, your A.I. has retained the knowledge that can be leveraged by your next hire!

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