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The Technology Landscape

by MiddleGate, on Mar 8, 2019 7:10:06 AM

Beware the Buzzwords

With an increasing number of buzzwords being used to describe various technologies, it can be difficult to decipher what each really means. 

Below are a few buzzwords that are frequently used and MiddleGate's explanation of each.



Big Data Analytics

Gives the machine a micro and macro view of your problems. Show the secrets hidden in the data. A human must interpret the secrets and make their own decisions.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of repeatable and manual tasksIf new activity is presented to the machine, the machine will skip and move on to the task it understands.

Machine Learning

Based on programming by humans. Learns only how and only what it was taught to learn.  The machine looks for new and existing patterns.  It communicates patterns, predicts the next outcome, and makes recommendations.  Machine learning typically will not dynamically adapt to changing behavioral patterns.

AI and Deep Learning in AI

An Artificial Intelligent machine that is trying to learn like a human learns. Deep Learning in AI is based on how a human brain works.  AI’s goal is to mimic a human.

Machine Intelligence

MI is based on what deep learning can discover. Give it a goal, it adapts and learns on its own.  Photographic memory that ponders and keeps shuffling information around until it achieves its goal.

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