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The Harsh Realities of A/R Follow-Up

by Ahmad Jawad, on Feb 18, 2019 7:53:04 AM

Has your team ever been blamed for struggles in A/R follow-up?

The revenue cycle industry has been conditioned to point the finger of blame at itself for the challenges in A/R follow-up.   

Our industry has also been trained to believe that cleaner claims ensure accurate and timely payments. 

However, MiddleGate's Grace has found that many A/R issues can be attributed  to unfair Payer patterns and trends.
(See Fig. 1, Fig. 2 below):

Note: Green/flat is normal and Grace is happy with the Payers. Red/orange means Grace is angry with the Payers.


 (Fig. 1 above) Medicare behavior.  Relatively flat, normal behavior across all categories.


 (Fig. 2 above) Commercial Payer XYZ's behavior. Note the changing and shifting patterns over time. Grace discovered that this Payer is withholding payments for a specific set of codes.

Payers leave a trail of patterns in revenue cycle and Grace is obsessed with patterns

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